Sep 26, 2016

COUNCIL MINUTES - Sept 26, 2016

of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta
held in the Wembley Municipal Office
this 26th day of September, 2016.

  1. CALL-TO-ORDER   Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

    Councillor Holler

    Councillor Jones

    Councillor Moncrieff

    CAO Lori Parker

    Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux

    Regrets:  Councillor Anaka

                  Councillor Johnson

    Leave of absence: Councillor Robichaud


    MOTION # 2016-0194

    Moved by Councillor Jones that the agenda be adopted with the addition of:

    11.2 – Utility Rate Review



    MOTION # 2016-0195

    3.1               Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the minutes of the regular meeting held September 12, 2016 be adopted as presented.               

    CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY                                                


    4.1               MLA Wayne Drysdale

    • MLA Drysdale thanked Council for the opportunity to touch base with them, expressing that he appreciates the opportunity to meet personally with Council and discuss current issues and events.
    • MLA Drysdale made note of the following topics:
      • The spring announcement of HWY 43 X, noting that tender will be closing Wednesday September 14, 2016 and that they should get bridge work and clearing done this fall.
      • Congratulated Mayor and Council on the announcement of the water line noting that it has been a long time coming and now is a reality.
      • Briefly discussed the revisions of the Municipal Government Act noting that the final edition should pass this fall.
      • Discussed the Beaverlodge Health Complex, noting that they received five hundred surveys by the end of September deadline and approximately one hundred and twenty people attended the meeting.
      • Discussed the new assisted living, forty bed, Seniors Housing Complex in Hythe. 
      • Advised that Horselake will be installing a ten million dollar water treatment plant and the access road from the highway is being paved this year.
      • Brief discussion was held regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline.
      • Discussion was held regarding the need for Senior’s Housing in Wembley.
      • MLA Drysdale thanked Council again for their time and excused himself at 8:00p.m.



    5.1       Accounts Payable

    MOTION # 2016-0196

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque number 20160947 to 20161009 in the amount of $118,140.70 be ratified.                                     CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

  6. BY-LAWS

    6.1               None



    7.1               Regional Transportation Priorities meeting – September 16, 2016.

    • CAO Parker noted that she and Mayor Turnmire attended the meeting.
    • CAO Parker noted that eighteen months ago the priority was Hwy 43 by pass completion.
    • Discussion was held regarding upcoming priorities.
    • Next meeting date will be in March of 2017.

    7.2               Organizational Meeting – October 11, 2016.

    • CAO Parker advised that the organizational meeting will be held before the start of the regular meeting of Council on October 11, 2016.
    • Mayor Turnmire requested the addition of Water West Steering Committee to the appointment list.

    8.1               ATCO Gas and Pipeline LTD., Franchise Agreement

    • The current franchise fee is six percent and CAO Parker recommends not increasing it at this time.                           

    MOTION # 2016-0197

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff to leave the ATCO Gas franchise fee as is and not increase it at this time. 

                               CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    MOTION # 2016-0198

    Moved by Councillor Jones that the following reports be accepted as information.

                                                                                       CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY                                                                        

    9.1       Minutes of the FCSS Advisory Board meeting held on September 14, 2016.

    9.2       Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meeting held on September 8, 2016.

    • CAO Parker advised that the new Rescue Unit is at the department.

    9.3       Minutes of the Community Futures meeting held on June 23, 2016.

    9.4       Minutes of the West County Traffic Coalition meeting held on July 25, 2016.

    • Mayor Turnmire noted that the committee is working on back to school safety programs such as bus safety and railway crossing safety.

    9.5       Minutes of the Mighty Peace Water Shed Alliance meeting held on June 29, 2016.

    9.6       Minutes of the Peace Library System meeting held on September 17, 2016.


    10.1           Northern Gateway – Proposed Tanker Ban

    • Discussion was held regarding the letter received from Sam Munckhof-Swain – Manager, Alberta Community Relations – Northern Gateway regarding the proposed tanker ban on British Columbia’s North Coast and the impact it would have.

    MOTION # 2016-0199

    Moved by Councillor Jones that CAO Parker draft a letter of non-support regarding the proposed tanker ban on behalf of the Town of Wembley.

                                                                            CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    10.2           Email and Water Bulletin – Summer to Winter 2016 ( Councillor Anaka)

    • Tabled to next Council meeting.

    10.3           Hythe Pioneer Homes re: Breaking ground on the newest addition to Pioneer Place.

    • Council accepts the invitation as information at this time.

    11.1           Old Freightliner Fire Truck

    • CAO Parker noted that the new truck is here and the Commercial Vehicle Inspection is complete, new tires are on and the truck is having the new decals put on at Sunburst Graphics.
    • CAO Parker advised that the old Freightliner is being stripped of the box and generators and the equipment is being set up in the fire training grounds.
    • CAO Parker advised that the chassis is virtually worth nothing and Public Works Foreman Aaron Halwa offered that he would take the chassis in exchange for doing all the tree planting work with his personal skid steer.

    MOTION # 2016-0200

    Moved by Councillor Holler that in exchange for the use of Aaron Halwa’s personal skid steer to do all the tree planting Council agrees to sell him the Freightliner chassis for $1.00.                              CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

    11.2           Utility Rate Review

    • Discussion was held regarding the new utility rates for metered water.
    • CAO Parker provided Council with some rate scenarios to review.

    12.1     None


    Councillor Moncrieff

    • Noted that the new lights on the Football Field look great.

    Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux

    • Advised that she has completed the Municipal Management and Leadership Program, and received her certificate from the Alberta School of Business Executive Education.
    • She thanked Council for the opportunity stating that the course was really good and she learned a lot.

    CAO Parker

    • Advised that the Intermunicipal Meeting will be November 6, 2016 in Grande Prairie.  Location will be announced at a later date.
    • All Council members advised they are able to attend.
    • CAO Parker advised that she met with Darren from ISL Engineering on Saturday September 24, 2016 for a few hours and gave him a tour of Wembley.

    Mayor Turnmire

    • Advised that the Shell Gas Station in Wembley will be closing permanently on October 5, 2016.
    • Attended the Football Club first game and grand opening of the new lights on Saturday September 24, 2016.  Noting that the field is the only independently lit field in Western Canada.
    • Water West Steering Committee – Council appointed Mayor and Councillor Anaka as an alternate.
    • Attended the Open House at the Beaverlodge Health Complex on September 20, 2016.

    MOTION # 2016-0201

    Moved by Councillor Jones that the meeting be adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

                                                                                  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY