Mar 13, 2017

COUNCIL MINUTES - March 13, 2017

of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta
held in the Wembley Municipal Office
this 13th day of March, 2017.

  1. CALL-TO-ORDER Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Councillor Holler

Councillor McCallum

Councillor Moncrieff

Councillor Underwood

CAO Lori Parker

Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux

Regrets: Councillor Robichaud

Late: Councillor Johnson (7:16, on fire call)



    MOTION # 2017-0054

    Moved by Councillor McCallum that the agenda be adopted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    3.1 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held on February 27, 2017.

    MOTION # 2017-0055

    Moved by Councillor Holler that the minutes of the regular meeting of Council held on February 27, 2017 be adopted as presented.



    4.1 7:30 p.m. – Public Works, Aaron Halwa

    • Public Works Foreman Aaron Halwa presented Council with three price quote comparisons for skid steers.

    • Discussion was held regarding which machine and payment program best suit the Town’s needs.

    • Aaron’s recommendation is to go with the Bobcat and their one year replacement plan.

    • CAO Parker noted that the purchase of the skid steer can be written into the MSI Grant funding.

    • Mayor and Council agree with the recommendation of the Public Works Foreman.


    MOTION # 2017-0056

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff to go in camera.


    • Discussion regarding valve replacement program


    MOTION # 2017-0057

    Moved by Councillor Johnson to come out of camera.



    4.2 Silver and Gold Pioneer Club – Ron Lockrem

    • No representatives attended.


    5.1Accounts Payable

    MOTION # 2017-0058

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque # 20170181 to cheque # 20170231 totaling $96,427.62 be ratified. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    5.2 Revenue and Expenses and Monthly Statement for the month of February 2017.

    MOTION # 2017-0059

    Moved by Councillor Holler that the Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement for the month of February 2017 be accepted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    5.3 2017 Budget

    MOTION # 2017-0060

    Moved by Councillor Holler to accept the prepared budget review as information.



  1. BY-LAWS

    6.1 By-Law 688-A – Amendment to By-Law 688 Schedule “C” Medical and Fire Emergency Response By-Law.


    MOTION # 2017-0061

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that By-law # 688-A receive first reading.


    MOTION # 2017-0062

    Moved by Councillor McCallum that By-law # 688-A receive second reading.


    MOTION # 2017-0063

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that By-law # 688-A receive all three readings at this meeting. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    MOTION # 2017-0064

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that By-law # 688-A receive third and final reading. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY



    7.1 Report on meetings attended.

    • Attended the Emergency Management Workshop.

    • Obtained information about the Canada Task Force 2 program.

    • A Task Force Service managed by Calgary Fire Services that can deploy one hundred and fifty people in a State of Emergency.

    • ICS 100 & 200 is now offered on line for Elected Officials.


    Canada 150 (Councillor Johnson)

    • Councillor Johnson advised that the Wembley Fire Association, Wembley Parks and Recreation, Wembley FCSS, Wembley Arts Culture and Heritage Society and the Saskatoon Lake Agricultural Society have partnered to submit the $10,000.00 Canada 150 Celebration Grant Application.

    • The groups should know by May 15, 2017 if they receive funding.

    • Money will be allocated at that time.


    MOTION # 2017-0065

    Moved by Councillor Holler that the following reports be accepted as information: CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    9.1 Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meeting held on March 3, 2017 and Fire Chief Report.


    9.2 Minutes of the Public Works Committee meeting held on March 1, 2017.


    9.3 Minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held on January 17, 2017.

    • Mayor Turnmire questioned the lack of people attending Committee Meetings and has requested that attendance be looked into.


    9.4 County Enforcement and Animal Control Reports for February 2017.

    • Councillor Holler requested that CAO Parker find out what “Other” under the animal control summary includes.


    Time extension request for SUB. 2014-03, SUB. 2014-04 and SUB. 2014-05 – Christian and Kathy Andersen.

    • Current application expires on April 25, 2017 and there are no plans for endorsement at this time, so a one year time extension has been requested.

    • CAO Parker recommends that Council grant the time extension request.

    MOTION # 2017-0066

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that the Town of Wembley grant a one year time extension for SUB. 2014-03, SUB. 2014-04, SUB. 2014-05.


    Wembley & District Agricultural Society – Request for continued funding.

    • Tabled to budget deliberations.



    Beaverlodge High School Awards

    • Discussion was held regarding enforcing stricter guidelines and deadlines with regards to accepting and processing applications as well as submissions of required documentation.

    • Mayor Turnmire will be able to attend the “Celebration of Excellence” night to hand out the rewards.


    Alternate Council Representative for the GPREP Management Committee.

    MOTION # 2017 – 0067

    Moved by Councillor Johnson to appoint Councillor Moncrieff as an alternate to the GPREP Management Committee. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    12.1 None


    Councillor Holler

    • Working on the Town year end summary but has only received one department report from the Town and four community groups have submitted

    • Councillor Holler requested that the Town of Wembley give a five hundred dollar cash donation to the Northern Alberta Historical Ap. that is being developed.

    • Tabled it to budget deliberations.


    Councillor McCallum

    • Attended the Helen E Taylor Parent Council meeting.

    • Discussion was held regarding the Healthy Snack Program that the school has initiated to help feed students and how the Town could contribute.

    MOTION # 2017-0068

    Moved by Councillor McCallum that the Town donate five hundred dollars to Helen E Taylor School to kick start the Healthy Snack Program.



    • Attended the Sports Excellence Awards Banquet.

    • Discussion was held regarding the need to really get the word out about the recreation venues that Wembley has to offer, for example our new beach volleyball courts.

    • There is a lot of hype about our football field.


    Councillor Moncrieff

    • Notes that he supports beautification projects, such as tress and walking trails throughout Town and feels the Town should look into some kind of Town Branding.


    Councillor Johnson

    • Discussion was held regarding the gas odor that was present in Town on Friday March 10, 2017.

    • Councillor Johnson explained that the Fire Chief investigated the source and discovered that a PSV valve blew on a pressure tank on a lease site North East of Town limits.

    • Fire Chief Smith noted that this is a safety mechanism on these tanks that is designed to release pressure and the system worked.

    • Fire Chief Smith had been out with his gas monitors and determined that there was no danger to residents at any time.

    • Alberta Energy Regulators (AER) and ATCO Gas had also been notified and investigated and determined that there was no danger to surrounding area.


    CAO Parker

    • Advised that the County Fire Department has purchased one deployment kit enabling them to deploy four people, to be self-sustainable, in a state of emergency.


    Mayor Turnmire

    • Advised that Alberta Transportation has announced that they may be holding an information session on the HWY 43 Interchange and he will forward the date and location to Council once he knows.

    • Discussion was held regarding the future development in the north area once the water line is complete and the possible need for a Business Association Committee.


MOTION # 2017-0069

Moved by Councillor McCallum that the meeting be adjourned at 9:30 p.m.