May 8, 2017



of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta held in the Wembley Municipal Office this 8th day of May, 2017.

1. CALL-TO- ORDER Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.

  • Councillor Holler
  • Councillor McCallum
  • Councillor Moncrieff
  • Councillor Johnson
  • Councillor Underwood
  • Councillor Robichaud
  • CAO Lori Parker
  • Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux


MOTION # 2017-0114

Moved by Councillor Robichaud that the agenda be adopted with the additions of 8.2 – Drainage Burrow Pit (Councillor Johnson).



  3.1 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held on April 24, 2017

MOTION # 2017-0115

Moved by Councillor Holler that the minutes of the regular meeting of Council held on April 24, 2017 be adopted as presented.


  3.2 Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held on May 2, 2017

MOTION # 2017-0116

Moved by Councillor Underwood that the Special Meeting of Council held on May 2, 2017 be adopted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


  4.1 None


  5.1 Accounts Payable

MOTION # 2017-0117

Moved by Councillor McCallum that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque # 20170366 to cheque # 20170442 totaling $212,592.44 be ratified. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

  5.2 Revenue and Expense Statement and Monthly Statement

MOTION # 2017-0118

Moved by Councillor Johnson that the Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement for the month of April 2017 be accepted as presented.



  6.1 By-Law 699 – General Traffic Bylaw

MOTION # 2017-0119

Moved by Councillor Johnson that By-law # 699 receive first reading.


MOTION # 2017-0120

Moved by Councillor Holler that By-law # 699 receive second reading.


MOTION # 2017-0121

Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that By-law # 699 receive all three readings at this meeting. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOTION # 2017-0122

Moved by Councillor Robichaud that By-law # 699 receive third and final reading. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


  7.1 Meeting with Alberta Transportation on May 25 th at 2:30 p.m.

  • Reminder to Council of the upcoming meeting with Alberta Transportation on May 25, 2017.
  • Advised that the meeting is with the Director of Regional Transportation, Mayors, Reeves, CAO and Council Members.
  • CAO will send out an email once the venue has been determined.


  8.1 Skateboard Park

  • CAO Parker advised that she had a discussion with Sharon Gagnon, member of the Skateboard Park Committee and Sharon advised that it is the intention of the committee to do some repairs and maintenance to the skateboard park.
  • CAO Parker advised that Sharon will be in contact with Parks and Recreation Director Christina Ketchum to make a plan for the repairs.

8.2 Drainage Burrow Pit (Councillor Johnson)

  • Councillor Johnson advised that he has been involved in the discussion on the Wembley Facebook page regarding citizens’ concerns about the plan to do drainage maintenance to the drainage burrow pit located on the north east side of Town of Wembley in Wembley Developments.
  • Councillor Johnson has been had discussions with Environment Canada regarding policies and procedures with regards to draining water and the effects on Migratory Birds.
  • Councillor Johnson stated that based on the information he has received from Environment Canada it is his recommendation that the Town of Wembley hire the services of a Subject Matter Expert and ensure that all Provincial and Federal licensing, policies and procedures are being followed.

MOTION # 2017-0123

Moved by Councillor McCallum that the Town of Wembley hire the services of a Subject Matter Expert to ensure that all Provincial and Federal licensing, policies and procedure are in place and being followed at the drainage burrow pit located on the north east side of the Town of Wembley; and

That the Town of Wembley proceed with the lowering of the drainage burrow pit upon approval of the Subject Matter Expert; and

That the Town of Wembley proceed with the removal of the cat tails and drainage maintenance work after August 15, 2017 being the end of Migratory Bird Season. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


MOTION # 2017-0124

Moved by Councillor Robichaud that the following reports be accepted as information: CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

  9.1 Minutes of the Public Works Committee meeting held on May 3, 2017.

  • Councillor Holler noted that with regards to the letter received from the resident regarding the unsafe sidewalks she agrees that sidewalks throughout Town are an issue and that future discuss should be held to determine a plan for sidewalk repair.
     Councillor Holler also noted that there is a significant increase in the amount of foot traffic on 101 Street and consideration should be made to increase the safety to pedestrians in this area as well.
     Council requested that CAO Parker get and estimated cost forone yard of sidewalk.

  9.2 Minutes of the Wembley Public Library Board meeting minutes held on March 8,2017

  • Council directed Councillor Robichaud to advise the Library Board members that Council has not obtained minutes for meetings since Councillor Jones left, they do not have a copy of the minutes for the appointment of the new library board and that Library Services requires up to date minutes of all meetings.
  • Council also noted that it is the Council of the Town of Wembley that appoints or unappoints board members.

  9.3 Minutes of the Water West Steering Committee meeting held on March 22, 2017 Mayor Turnmire advised that the project is approximately two to three weeks behind due to right of way negotiations.

  9.4 Minutes of the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association Board meeting held on March 16, 2017

  • Mayor Turnmire advised that the Tourism Association had their Annual General Meeting on May 3, 2017 and a new board was elected.

  9.5 County Enforcement Services and Animal Control report for the month of April 2017.


  10.1 Senate of Canada Contribution Award (Mayor Turnmire)

  • Council recommends putting forth the names:
     Louis Burns
     Marilynn Grubb

  10.2 Alberta Municipal Affairs – GTF application approval for Lift Stations PCL and Electrical Upgrades

  • CAO Parker advised that the grant for the Lift Stations was approved.
     Still waiting to hear on the grant funding for the valve program, skid steer and gravel for the Fire Department Yard.

  10.3 Town of Peace River request for support re: Provision of Air Ambulance services to Peace Regional Airport

  • Council accepts as information.


  11.1 Land Use Bylaw 603 C-2 District

  • Discussion was held regarding the property located at 10203 – 97 Street, the former Shell Gas Station.
     CAO Parker advised that this property is for sale and there are a few offers pending on the property.
     CAO Parker noted that a caveat has been placed as a condition of sale on the property and another gas station is not allowed.
     Council discussed the zoning of this property and allowable business options.
     Council agreed that there would be no objection to an Antique/Second Hand/Retail Shop with the condition that there would be no outside storage allowed.


  12.1 None


CAO Parker

  • Thanked Councillor Johnson for all his time and work with regards to the controversy on face book regarding the drainage burrow pit.
     An excellent job dealing with all the feedback.
  • Advised that the County of Grande Prairie No.1 has passed their new animal control bylaw and has revised the restricted breed portion.
     She will be reviewing the Town’s bylaw and will revise it accordingly to follow the County’s guidelines and will present it at the next Council meeting.

Mayor Turnmire

  • Is meeting with Pipestone Oil Corporation on Wednesday May 10, 2017 for a meet and greet.
  • Noted that the County is doing road work to TWSP Road 712 as they install the new water line, possibly in preparation for the paving of 712.
  • Recommends that the Town look into the possibility of paving our portion at the same time.
  • Noted that ground work for the water line should start in June 2017 and we can expect to see hook up some time between March and October 2018.
  • Attended the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, the event was well attended.
  • Advised that it was announced that MSI Grant funding has been extended for two years, with no increases.

Councillor McCallum

  • Asked if there has been any follow up regarding the possible sale of the two and a half acres of SW 22-71- 8-W6.
     A meeting was supposed to be set up by the Parks and Recreation Director with the representative from Peace Country Off Road Racing Association, Public Works Foreman Aaron Halwa, Councillor McCallum and Councillor Moncrieff to discuss layout options for the field and see if a plan can be established that accommodates all interested parties.
     Advised that he has not been contacted yet or heard of a meeting and feels that it is not in the best interest of good business practice to delay this process.
     Advised that with regards to the contract with the current user group it only specifies the use of twenty acres out of the possible sixty and does not specify where on the property.
     Believes that there is no reason that a plan cannot be made to accommodate all interested parties.

Councillor Johnson

  • Advised that the Fire Association and partnering groups was approved for the Canada 150 grant in the amount of ten thousand dollars.
  • Participated in the Firefighter stair climb in Calgary.


MOTION # 2017-0125

Moved by Councillor Robichaud that the meeting be adjourned at 8:40 p.m.