Aug 14, 2017

COUNCIL MINUTES - Aug 14, 2017

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF COUNCIL of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta held in the Wembley Municipal Office this 14th day of August, 2017.

1. CALL-TO- ORDER Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

  • Councillor Holler
  • Councillor McCallum
  • Councillor Moncrieff
  • Councillor Johnson
  • Councillor Underwood
  • CAO Lori Parker
  • Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux
  • Regrets: Councillor Robichaud

MOTION # 2017-0180
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the agenda be adopted as presented.


  • CAO Parker advised that Councillor Robichaud has been disqualified from council, as per section 174(1) of the MGA, having missed all regular meetings in the past eight consecutive weeks and she will be required to submit written resignation.
  • CAO Parker provided council with a brief update regarding the 7:30 p.m. delegation – Keith Williscroft 

3.1 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held on July 24, 2017
MOTION # 2017-0181
Moved by Councillor Underwood that the minutes of the regular meeting of Council held on July 24, 2017 be adopted as presented.


4.1 7:30 p.m. – Keith Williscroft

  • Mr. Williscroft requested that Council reduce invoice # 20170089.
  • Mr. Williscroft claims that he was told he would be charged “Grande Prairie” prices and had he known what Wembley’s cost was for soil he never would have ordered it.
  • Mr. Williscroft was excused from the meeting at 7:45 p.m.
  • Brief discussion was held regarding the circumstances of this situation.

MOTION # 2017-0182
Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that Council approved that the original invoice #20170089 in the amount of eight hundred fourteen dollars be reduced to six hundred ten dollars.


4.2 8:00 p.m. – Source Energy Services

  • Bart Macalister and Ray Zavery introduced themselves and thanked Council for the opportunity to meet with them.
  • Bart explained to Council that they are very busy at the sand plant and they are experiencing a bottleneck problem with the trucks coming into the yard waiting to be loaded.
  • Currently they are only able to load two trucks at a time however the development of a proposed dome structure will allow them to load four trucks at a time.
  • Ray Zavery, Director of Business Development for Source Energy Services explained that they have been working with their Engineers for a solution and are proposing an access road to the yard off of 97 th Street.
  • Bart explained that this access would be for empty trucks only that and would allow for one way only traffic flow through the yard alleviating the bottleneck and turn around issue in the yard.
  • Ray advised that the entrance would lead in off of 97 th Street with a turning lane and the road would be double lane allowing plenty of space for trucks waiting to be loaded.
  • Discussion was held regarding different scenarios, options and concerns.
  • CAO Parker advised that the Town’s engineers will have to examine the proposal.
  • Ray advised that Source Energy Services is flexible with the proposal but they would like to proceed as soon as possible with a solution, noting that their engineering firm would be available to work with the Towns engineers towards a solution.
  • Bart and Ray excused themselves and thanked Council for their time.

MOTION # 2017-0183
Moved by Councillor Johnson to recess for five minutes at 8:14 p.m.


MOTION # 2017-0184
Moved by Councillor Underwood that the regular meeting of Council reconvene at 8:20 p.m.


5.1 Accounts Payable
MOTION # 2017-0185
Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque # 20170715 to cheque # 20170763 totaling $159,022.27 be ratified.


5.2 Revenue and Expenses and Monthly Statement for the month of July 2017.
MOTION # 2017-0186
Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement for the month of July 2017 be accepted as presented.


6.1 None

7.1 Meeting with Deon Wilner, ISL Engineering, on July 25, 2017 re: Wastewater Treatment.

  • CAO Parker updated Council on the meeting advising that the first step in the Wastewater Treatment is going to need to be a Receiving Water Course Analysis, this will also be required by Alberta Environment.
  • This analysis will cost approximately eighteen thousand two hundred dollars.
  • CAO Parker advised that this project was not in the 2017 Budget however there will be additional funds available from the sales of access to water.

MOTION # 2017-0187
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the Town of Wembley proceed with the Receiving Water Course Analysis with a budget of up to a maximum of twenty thousand dollars in preparation for the Wastewater Treatment Plants.


7.2 Meeting with Adel Carew, Wilbros Canada, on July 25, 2017 re: Wastewater Treatment.

  • CAO Parker reviewed details of the meeting with Council and recommends that the Town work with Adel as a broker on the project.
  • Council asked if Adel could attend the Public Works/Water Committee meeting scheduled for September 6, 2017 at 8:15 a.m. to discuss details.
  • CAO Parker will contact Adel and advise Council if he is available.

7.3 Attended the City, Sexsmith, Wembley ICF kick off meeting on July 26, 2017.
(See Agenda Item #9.5)

  • CAO Parker advised that the other Municipalities had Mayor, CAO and Council representation at the meeting and Wembley only had the Mayor and CAO.
  • CAO Parker recommends that Council assign a Council representative.

MOTION # 2017-0188
Moved by Councillor Underwood that Councillor Johnson be appointed to the ICF Committee.


  • CAO Parker also noted that a Council representative will also be required for the Handibus Feasibility Study.

MOTION # 2017-0189
Moved by Councillor Johnson that Councillor Holler be appointed to the Handibus Feasibility Study committee.


7.4 Meeting with C. Ling Lee, TDH, re: Ecosorb Odour Neutralizer, on July 27,

  • CAO Parker explained that the product they discussed is a plant based product that neutralizes odour and is distributed by industrial fans that would blow a mist over the finishing cells of the lagoon.
  • A drum of the product can be purchased for two thousand seven hundred dollars and the fans are four thousand eight hundred dollars to purchase of nine hundred dollars a month to rent.
  • CAO Parker advised that the product would not have to be used constantly but rather the fans could be turned on when the lagoons are turning or on days when the odour is strong.
  • Referred to 2018 Budget Deliberations.

7.5 Meeting with Tidewater – Pipestone Gas Project.

  • CAO Parker advised that there will be an open house for information on projects around the area on August 16, 2017.
  • The open house will be at the Phillip J Currie Dinosaur Museum at 7:00 p.m. and is by invite only to landowners and Council.

7.6 Newterra Water Treatment Plants.

  • CAO Parker advised that she has been working directly with Steve Howard and the ongoing issues with the constant alarms in the Water Treatment Plant have been resolved.
  • CAO Parker explained that the issues were with the maintenance of the pumps in each plant.

7.7 Candidate Information Session scheduled for August 28, 2017.

  • CAO Parker advised that she has a power point presentation completed for the information session.

8.1 Set Policy Review Meeting Date

  • Policy review will be held at 6:00 p.m. on September 11, 2017 prior to the regular meeting of Council.


MOTION # 2017-0190
Moved by Councillor Holler that the following reports be accepted as


9.1 Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meeting held on July 20, 2017 and the
July 2017 Report.

  • Councillor Johnson reported that the Fire Department has been very busy.
  • There are twenty seven active members, with six EMR’s and all other members are trained as first responders qualified to administer oxygen.
  • There is a waiting list for people who want to be on the department and all members go through an interview process.

9.2 Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meeting held on August 3, 2017.

9.3 Minutes of the Public Works meeting held on August 2, 2017.

  • CAO Parker advised that the Fire Chief is dealing with the debris pile in the lot on 97 th Street.
  • The line painter came in today and the crosswalks will be getting done right away before the start of the school season.
  • CAO Parker advised that Mr. Jurasek has not returned Aarons call as of yet.

9.4 County Enforcement and Animal Control reports for July 2017.
9.5 Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Development – Project Start- Up Memo

10.1 County of Grande Prairie – Schedule meeting for preparation of an ICF.

  • CAO Parker will discuss with Bill Rogan the option of holding off on the meeting until after the election.

10.2 Water North Coalition re: Membership fee.
MOTION # 2017-0191
Moved by Councillor Holler that the Council of the Town of Wembley support the Water North Coalition proposal for a membership fee in the amount of one hundred dollars per year for all voting and non-voting members.


11.1 Prostate Cancer Awareness Proclamation
MOTION # 2017-0192
Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the Council of the Town of Wembley proclaim September 2017 as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Wembley;

  • WHEREAS, prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect Canadian men; and
  • WHEREAS, 1 in 7 Canadian men will be diagnosed with the disease in his lifetime; and
  • WHEREAS, an estimated 23,100 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year; and
  • WHEREAS, the survival rate for prostate can be over 90% when detected early; and
  • WHEREAS, those with a family history of the disease, or those of African or Caribbean decent, are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer; and
  • WHEREAS, Prostate Cancer Canada recommends that men get a PSA test in their 40s to establish their baseline;


11.2 Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Proclamation
MOTION # 2017-0193
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the Council of the Town of Wembley proclaim September 2017 as Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month in Wembley;

  • WHEREAS, people today have the opportunity to live longer lives because of breakthroughs in medical research, and;
  • WHEREAS, Muscular Dystrophy is a neuromuscular disorder that affects many and has no known cure, and;
  • WHEREAS, only through the support of the community may a cure be found;


12.1 None


Councillor Holler

  • Grand Opening for the senior’s complex in Clairmont is on August 24, 2017.
  • Councillor Johnson noted that there is a U Tube video called Clairmont Heights outlining the future development plan around that area that is worth taking a look at.
  • Will be attending SPPARC meeting this week and noted there is a doctor’s tour on September 9, 2017.
  • Wembley parade is September 9, 2017.
    • Line up at 10:00 a.m. judging at 10:30 with the parade starting at 11:00 following the usual route.

Councillor Moncrieff

  • Back from holidays.

Councillor Johnson

  • Advised that he is going to be very busy over the next five weeks as he is participating in Fire Department training each weekend.
  • Would like to start having discussion amongst Council with regards to what the Town is going to do to participate and how we are going to showcase the Town for the 2018 Summer Games.

CAO Parker

  •  Advised that she will not be in the office on September 11, 2017 but will be here for the Council meeting.
  • CAO Parker reminded Council about having their indemnities forms submitted on time for payroll.

Mayor Turnmire

  • Noted that the Public Works Yard and the new Fire Department Training Grounds looks great.
    • Recommended getting some aerial pictures of the area.
  • Councillor Johnson advised that the fire training grounds are a success already, noting that they are the largest training grounds in the area and other organizations are already asking about renting the space for training.
    • Councillor Johnson also noted that we have the largest fire pan in the region at fifteen feet by twelve feet.
    • CAO Parker advised that the Town and Fire Department will send a joint letter of thanks to Weatherford for their contributions of the fire pan and the large cement pads to the training yard.
  • Noted that the new CEO for the Phillip J Currie Museum, Susan Hunter will be coming to Council on September 11, 2017.
  • Met with Shadow Minister of Economic Development.
  • Will be meeting with Shae Anderson with Municipal Affairs sometime next week.


MOTION # 2017-0194
Moved by Councillor McCallum that the meeting be adjourned at 9:38 p.m.