Nov 9, 2015

Council Minutes - November 9, 2015


of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta
held in the Wembley Municipal Office
this 9th day of November, 2015.


Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.

Councillor Holler
Councillor Jones
Councillor Johnson
CAO Lori Parker
Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux
Absent: Councillor Moncrieff
Regrets: Councillor Anaka
Councillor Robichaud


MOTION # 2015-0249
Moved by Councillor Jones that the agenda be adopted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


MOTION # 2015-0250

3.1 Moved by Councillor Johnson that the minutes of the regular meeting held on October 26, 2015 be adopted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


4.1 Gina Wallace – Wembley Child Development Center – Imagination Play and Learn.
Gina opened with thanking council for the opportunity to run her programs in Wembley and for giving her the opportunity to update Council on the happenings at the center.
Center opened in September 2011 with a super license, encompassing day care, preschool and out of school care programming. Currently the center has thirty four kids registered in the preschool program that runs Monday/Wednesdays and Tuesday/Thursday and approximately sixty five to seventy kids go through the center per month.
The center also runs throughout the summer months with full child care services including the Explorer Program for kids grade one to five. This past summer the center was able facilitate field trips to places such as the Centennial Museum near Hythe, Pipestone Creek Park and the Museum in Grande Prairie.
The center currently employs five full time and one part time staff, two from Wembley, three from Grande Prairie and two from Beaverlodge. All staff are fully trained and have been with the center for over a year.
The center received full accreditation, the highest achievable standard set by the provincial government, in December 2013.
Gina prides herself in the excellent rapport that has been developed with Wembley Elementary School expressing that the preschool program is a stepping stone program to kindergarten. The center also has full use of the school gym and library and regularly attends school assemblies and functions.
Gina noted that over the last few years provincial funding has decreased so the center works hard and fund raises money for upgrades and new equipment.
Peace Wapiti does all the building maintenance, including painting the building every two years and waxing the floors. Gina noted that they have been excellent to work with and are always quick to resolve with issues.
Gina thanked the Public Works Department of the Town of Wembley stating that they are always on top of clearing and maintaining the parking lot.
Future goals of the center include upgrading the outdoor play area of the center.
Gina noted the center is family focused, staff and kids and there is noted appreciation of this attitude from parents and staff.

Gina closed by once again thanking Council and the Town of Wembley for the opportunity to operate the center.

Mayor Turnmire commented and thanked Gina on the success of the Center noting that prior to her taking over there had been other unsuccessful attempts at operating the facility and the Town and community recognizes and appreciates the quality of the center now and the value of having it in our community.


5.1 Accounts Payable
MOTION # 2015-0251
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule "A", cheque number 20151094 – 20151145 in the amount of $115,604.69 be ratified. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

5.2 Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement
MOTION # 2015-0252
Moved by Councillor Holler that the Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement be accepted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


6.1 By-Law 603(AA) – First Reading
Discussion regarding the revision of the side yard and building height provisions regarding row housing in the R3 zoning.
MOTION # 2015-0253
Moved by Councillor Johnson to give first reading to By-Law 603(AA). CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


7.1 CAO Parker stated that she and Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux attended the Muniware training in Calgary and noted that the training was very worthwhile, as many new tips and tricks were learned to maximize the utilization of our accounting software program.

7.2 CAO Parker advised that the application for the Wastewater Treatment System, encompassing the units as well as all the site preparation for just over 3.2 million dollars has been submitted to AMWWP. CAO Parker commented that she does not expect to see approval of this funding in 2016 but is hopeful for 2017.

7.3 CAO Parker advised that the Wembley and District Agricultural Society is donating one Snowflake Gala Table to the Town of Wembley as a thank you.


MOTION # 2015-0254
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the following reports be accepted as information. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

8.1 Minutes of the Public Works/Water Committee meeting held on November 4, 2015.
Discussion was held regarding the need for a new generator ( to be dedicated to the new water treatment plants in case of a power outage and well as the need to either repair or replace the two existing half ton trucks ( Councillor Johnson noted that there is a lot of equipment and vehicles for sale at the auctions right now with the slowdown in the oil patch. Councillor Johnson stated that once it is known what size generator will be needed then Council should send Public Works Foreman, Aaron Halwa, to see what is available at the Richie Brothers Auction and Council can set a budget and decide on what should be purchased.
Council agreed to table both these topics to the next Council meeting, November 23, 2015 after more details are obtained.
CAO Parker advised that the Public Works Committee recommended that the old astro van previously used by the Fire Department be sold for $1.00 to Public Works Foreman Aaron Halwa as a tradeoff for services and use of Aaron's personal equipment over the past months. The van has no resale value and the equipment that belongs to the Fire Department has been removed and returned to the department.
MOTION # 2015-0255
Moved by Councillor Holler to sell the old astro van to Aaron Halwa for $1.00. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Discussion regarding the old fire engine that at one time had been set aside by the fire department to be restored. Councillor Johnson advised that it is still the Fire Departments intention to restore it however right now they do not have the space, time or man power to do so, therefore it is just been parked in the Fire Departments space in the Public Works yard.

Mayor Turnmire advised Council that the permanent water license has been issued and that the pilings are in and the area is ready for the arrival of the treatment plants. CAO Parker advised that the delivery of the plants has been delayed by one week due to lack of specialty welders on the production end.

8.2 Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meetings held on May 7th, June 4th, August 6th, September 3rd and October 1st, 2015.

8.3 Minutes of the FCSS Advisory Board Committee meeting held on October 19, 2015.
Councillor Holler noted that the Halloween party was a huge success and estimates two hundred and fifty people participated in the evening.
Mayor Turnmire asked for clarification on what the Butterfly Effect is and Councillor Holler advised that it is basically a self-esteem group for young girls.
Mayor Turnmire asked if there was examples given as to what type of Creative Programs for children that the FCSS Board members would like to see, Councillor Holler noted that she doesn't recall any suggestions being made.

8.4 Minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held on November 3, 2015.
Councillor Holler noted that as an original member of the skate board park committee she is unaware of a second phase and believes that the project was complete.
Mayor Turnmire questioned item #5 stating that he believes the amount of the grand stands should read $15,000.00 not $1500.00. Councillor Jones confirmed.
Councillor Holler asked for confirmation that the Parks and Recreation Committee will only be using up to $100,000.00 of the money in the parks reserve with matching grants and that if grants are not obtained that the money will be left in the account. CAO Parker confirmed.

8.5 Minutes of the Wembley and District Agricultural Society meeting held on September 21, 2015.

8.6 Notes from the South Peace Physician Attraction and Retention Committee meeting held on October 15, 2015.
CAO Parker advised that the SPPARC link is now on the Town web page under community.

8.7 County Enforcement and Animal control reports for the month of October 2015.


9.1 Municipal Government Board – Assessment Review Board Training.
CAO Parker advised that she registered herself, Mayor Turnmire and Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux for the training. There is no charge for the course and is in Grande Prairie in April 2016. Councillor Holler suggested that as the certification expires every three years that some Council members should take the training in 2017 and then there would always be someone representing the Town of Wembley with current certification.

9.2 County Enforcement re: Enforcement of smoking in vehicles with minors.
Discussion was held regarding whether Council would like to direct County Enforcement to put enforcement hours into this Provincial law. At this time Council supports in principle the Provincial law, however feel that enforcement hours should continue to be used for more pressing matters. Council has requested that administration put note of the Provincial law regarding smoking in vehicles with minors on the Town web site.


10.1 Council meeting date for December (Dec 14th)

MOTION # 2015-0256
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the regular meeting of Council for December be scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

10.2 Christmas Light Up Contest judging.
Councillor Jones and Councillor Johnson will be selecting the winning homes during the week of December 9th to 16th.

10.3 Water Meters and Installation.
CAO Parker advised that she will be receiving installation quotes from both Aquaterra and Neptune by the end of this year and recommends that Council consider borrowing by debenture to have the installation of water meters completed.
Brief discussion regarding one free month offer to residents that pay their bill in full for a year and how the By-Law will have to be rewritten to amend this as it will no longer be an option with metered water.


11.1 None


Councillor Holler
Happy to announce that all the historical buildings obtained by WACHS are on site and boarded up for security.
Councillor Johnson
Halloween was a hit, sixty kids participated in the pumpkin carving and the fire trucks were out driving around the streets while the kids were trick or treating playing music from Ghost Busters.
Tickets are now on sale for the New Year's Eve bash being hosted by the Fire Department.
CAO Parker
Noted that she was out of the office Monday and Tuesday this week.
Outlined the details of Remembrance Day Service. Meet at Town Hall between 10:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Service at the Cenotaph at 10:50 a.m. refreshments to follow back at the Town Hall.
Mayor Turnmire
Recommends that Council invite Wendy Kelm, the Peace Wapiti School Board Representative to a Council meeting to discuss the long term school planning for the Wembley area.


MOTION # 2015-0257
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the meeting be adjourned at 8:17 p.m.