Recycling - Pg.2

Wembley Curbside Recycling


The collection of plastic/tin and paper/fiber recycling alternates each week. 

  1. Plastics and tins can be combined in the same bag for collection. 
  2. Paper and fibers can be combined in the same bag for collection.
  3. Please ensure that all recyclables are placed in the clear or clear blue (see through) plastic bags for collection. 
  4. Please place your bag(s) of recycling out beside your garbage cart each Thursday for collection. 
  5. Please note, if your recycling is not in see through bags or is contaminated with garbage, it will not be collected.   A violation tag will be placed on any bag indicating a violation of the above.
  6. There is no limit for the number of bags that you can put out for recyclable collection.
  7. The Processors require that all plastics have caps removed and all plastics and tins are washed out with labels removed.
  8. Due to the fact that the collection of recyclables is done manually, please ensure that all bags out for recycling do not weigh more than 15 kg per bag to prevent injury and tearing of bags.
  9. Corrugated cardboard recycling is available to all residents of the town.  A container for cardboard recycling is located beside the Corner Grocery Store (9827-99 Avenue).