Voters Information

Voters information:


  • The new public health actions will not impact the voting process.
  • Proof of vaccination is not required to enter a polling place and cast a ballot.
  • Elections Canada has health and safety measures in place to support physical distancing, masking and other important ways to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

To Vote for Wembley Town Council you must reside in the Town of Wembley.

View the Town Bylaw: Voters ID requirements   

ID Required To Vote

You may provide one piece of Government-issued, photo ID, including your full name, physical address, and photo. Otherwise, you need to show two pieces of ID, both containing your full name, and with one showing your current physical address. See what we accept below:

One Piece of Identification


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 Your Alberta Driver’s License or Identification Card can be shown as one piece of ID, if it has your full legal name and current physical address.

If your Driver’s License or Identification Card does not have your current address, or only contains a mailing address (e.g. PO Box), you may use it as one piece of ID, in combination with another piece of ID showing your current physical address.

Two Pieces of Identification

When showing two pieces of ID, ensure that both contain your full name and that one piece shows your current physical address.


If you are unable to provide any identification, or cannot confirm your current physical address, you can be vouched for by another registered elector in your polling subdivision.