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2023 Interim Budget Approved December 12th, 2022. The 2023 Budget Approved April 11th, 2023.

To see the Approved 2023 Budget click here

To see the approved 2023 Interim Budget click here

BYLAW No. 758 Rate of Taxation 2023 - Passed April 24th, 2023


The Town of Wembley approved the 2023 Capital and Operating Budget at its regular Council meeting on April 24th, 2023. The 2023 budget is inclusive of the continued increases to the policing costs, overall increases in operating costs due to higher inflation, continued reduction in provincial grants, and limited federal capital funding for small municipalities.  

On going rejuvenation of greenspaces, recreation areas and gradual replacement of much needed capital assets, updates on outdated bylaws and policies, extension of financial support to the Wembley and District Agricultural Society in a form of $20,000 contribution to the society led youth drop in centre, contribution to the  Wembley and Districts Arts Culture and Historical Society in the amount of $5,000, as well as investing in attracting economic development and highly focusing on developing tourism in Webley were amongst some of the budgetary considerations made this year.

Wembley is uniquely positioned to capitalize on dino or paleo tourism due to its proximity to a world class dinosaur museum and rich dinosaur bonebed. This year’s budget highly supports development of tourism attraction and expanding economic development.

The residential property rate for 2023 is 12.5181 mills and the non-residential rate is 20.4426 mills. The property rate amount includes municipal, education and Grande Spirit Foundation tax rates.  The 2023 tax rate does not mean property taxes will not go up or down for some property owners, as taxes are influenced by changes to the property assessment values. Properties with an assessment decrease may see their tax bill on par with last year, while property owners whose property assessment increased could see a slight increase in property taxes.

Example: Homeowners of a property assessed around $250,000.00 will pay about $3,129.55. If the property owner is signed up with a tax instalment payment plan it will see an equalized monthly payment of $260.80.

The Municipal tax rate: 

Residential – 9.9007 mills       

Non-Residential – 16.5996 mills

School levy tax rates:

Residential – 2.56330 mills

Non-Residential – 3.7889 mills

Grande Spirit Foundation tax levy:   0.05418 mills

Designated Industrial (DI) Property tax rate:  0.07460 mills


Highlights of Capital Projects/Purchases for 2023:

Sidewalk Rehabilitation & Walking Trails

Road Maintenance Equipment

Culvert Replacement


Media Contact:

Noreen Zhang, CAO Tel. 780-766-2269 ext. 102 / Email:

Kelly Peterson, Mayor Tel. 780-876-5150 / Email:

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3 Year Operating and 5 Year Capital Budget Forecast

Approved August 14, 2023

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Residential - 2023

2024 Tax Rates Tax Distribution for 2024
Grande Spirit Foundation Rate .0054 % ----
General Tax Rate .9901 % ----
Education Tax Rate .2563 % ----
OPP Fee $254.47
Your Total Taxes for 2024