Public Works - Snow Removal Procedures

Policy Information:

Policy PW15 was revised on November 9, 2020 and approved by Council.

  • Changes where made to accommodate manpower, equipment available and efficiency without creating extended overtime hours as directed from CAO. 
  • Moved from six (6) operators down to three (3) 2019/2020 season with call in plow operator then four (4) operators for the 2020/2021 season with relief and assistance to the Fire Department. 
  • This revision provided the most efficient route possible to have the highways (Streets) Town cleared, well reducing the amount of accumulation in alleys. 


Policy PW19 was adopted on March 19, 2019 and approved by Council.

  • Non-emergency snow clearing operations must be stopped if the Temperature fall below -35 degrees Celsius. Will resume when Temperature rises to -34 degrees Celsius or above. 


Services procedure

  • Entrances (both accesses to Hwy. 43 and the Pipestone road) are to be cleared with the Plow/wet sander truck on any accumulation of snow, ice, freezing rain or blowing snow. Using either or all procedures of plow blade, mixed sand/calcium, or straight road guard plus fluid. Priority 1 as for PW15
  • Town Streets are cleared using Grader where operator stands up roads to be pushed or wings off where permittable. All these factors are determined to reduce the amount of residential run off and potential flooding issues. 
  • Typically, the store/firehall/ bus routes are pushed first. But can be altered depending on snow density, time, and day the accumulation of snow occurs.
  • Roads are stood up on push capacity and to not reduce traffic flow any more then has to and will be stood up accordance to timing. 
  • Grader operator then moves to wing off roads keeping in contact with pushing crew to maximize efficiency.
  •  If there is ever a wait for roads to be stood up, pushing crew will clear residential side roads where snowpack is not present. 

Push off have been made more relevant as we are seeing that some areas previously winged off were causing more flooding and excessive run off in residential areas. 

  • Track Loader (skid steer) is utilized to clear the fire hall, office parking lot, daycare parking lot, walking trails and side walks. Once completed it then begins to assist by clearing low traffic residential areas and alleys. This increases the efficiency of the Town getting done in a timely manner well reducing the accumulation and snowpack in these areas between snow falls. 
  • Without break downs or crew illness we are typically running three (3) days to have the roadways cleared on one snow fall. 
  • Pile locations are chosen by accessibility for removal, length of push and runoff in mind. Which is compromised when civilian snow removal is piled in random locations. Direct violation of BY-LAW No. 731, section 25 b)
  • Piles are hauled when snow removal is finished, or space is limited. 
  • Piles removed first are the ones limiting road movement and drainage issues. Then the interior of Town (behind the store, arena, old mechanics station) continuing on after that. 


Snow Removal Equipment

  • 2007 John Deere Grader
  • 1996 Komatsu Loader with bucket
  • 2014 New Holland By-directional Tractor with box blade
  • 2019 Track Loader (Skid steer) with blade
  • 2014 International Plow truck with Epoke Wet Sander 
  • 1995 Ford Tandem

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