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Family and Community Support Services 

  • Is preventive in nature
  • Enhances, strengthens and stabilizes family and community life
  • Helps people develop interpersonal and group skills which enhance relationships
  • Helps people to develop independence and strengthen coping skills
  • Promotes volunteerism
  • Encourages and facilitates co-operation and co-ordination
  • Promotes, encourages and facilitates the development of stronger communities
  • Promotes citizen participation
  • Enables local decision making
FCSS sponsors and/or provides funding for community based programs, services and social initiatives with a focus on prevention that enhance the well-being of individuals, families and the community.

FCSS is funded through a joint venture between the Province of Alberta and the Town of Wembley

 Limited funds are also available to community groups and organizations for projects within the FCSS mandate.

Please Note: FCSS does not provide direct financial assistance to sustain an individual or family i.e. provision of food clothing, shelter or financial aid. These are ineligible for FCSS funding. Information & Referral Service is available.

For further information please contact:

 FCSS Director: Pam Decker    

Tel: (780) 766-2269 or Fax: (780) 766-2868                                                             

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