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Nominations for the MUNICIPAL ELECTION will be open between January 1st to September 20, 2025 (Closes at 12pm).

THE ELECTION WILL BE HELD ON OCTOBER 20TH, 2025 (Dates are as per April 2024)

 Municipal election season 2025, every community in Alberta people are needed to step up and do their part on local councils in their municipality.

If you are an open-minded, hard-working individual who has experience working on committees, who can put the needs of the community over your own, and if you are the type of person that wants to see your community improve and are willing to put in the work to help it improve, you should be thinking about running for council in 2025.

The most effective councils are those with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds represented at the council table.  Having some people around the council table who:

  • Understand business and are familiar with reviewing financial statements
  • Understand the needs of young families
  • Understand the needs of education
  • Understand or are involved in recreation
  • Understand the needs of seniors

Having a diverse council with all of these elements is important because the council is charged with making decisions on behalf of the entire municipality.

Being elected to your local council means a big time commitment on your part.  It is important not to under estimate the amount of time and dedication required to be an effective member of council, especially if you have a full-time job as well.

If elected, you will serve a remainder of the 4 year term.  During your term you should plan to attend the following:

  •  Regular and special council meetings
  • Regular committee meetings
  • Meetings of other boards or agencies as a representative of council
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, and conventions for training and education
  • Events that promote or represent your municipality

You may also need to spend time talking to the public, businesses, colleagues in other municipalities, municipal staff and your Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).  Continuing interaction with these groups is an essential part of making an informed decision as a council member.

You may want to undertake a self-assessment of your skills prior to running for elected office.  Think about your volunteer experience, community involvement, work experience, participation in different organizations, and your family life.   Often your experiences have taught you how to work as a team member, organize and prioritize, make decisions, debate and lead.

 Think about whether you have something to contribute to your community as a council member and consider running in the October 20, 2025 municipal election.

Are you interested in running for Council? Information from the last election in 2021 Click on this link for information on everything you need to know about running for municipal office in Wembley

Returning Officer Email: / 780-766-2269