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Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a key policy plan that communicates the long term desired land use in the Town of Wembley.

The Municipal Development Plan (Plan) is the primary planning policy document for use at the municipal level. It is intended to provide a framework for the ongoing development of the Town of Wembley (Town). The preparation of this Plan has been motivated by a number of factors: 

• The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires every municipality to prepare a Municipal Development Plan, and this Plan has been prepared in accordance with s. 632 of the MGA; 

• The potential for growth has been constrained in the last number of years due to water supply concerns, a constraint that has been eliminated due to the construction of a new transmission line from Grande Prairie; 

• New development trends and current best practices in land use planning and engineering have emerged, along with recent changes to provincial regulations, and direction from Council, Administration, and ratepayers; 

• A need to expand the Town’s non-residential (commercial and industrial) assessment base in a responsible fashion in order to improve its long term financial sustainability; and 

• A desire to maintain the close working relationship between the Town and the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 through the promotion of intermunicipal partnerships, cooperation and coordination in land use planning efforts, and the delivery of services.

More information: Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Bylaw