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Wembley Fire Department

The Wembley Fire Department is a dedicated Professional Volunteer Fire Department that operates as a division of the Town of Wembley.

The Wembley Fire Department, under service contract, provides Fire, Rescue, and Medical First Response to the County Of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service and is the Primary Emergency Response Agency for the Town Of Wembley. The Fire Service contract renewed in 2022 with the County of Grande Prairie now includes administrative services provided by the County Regional Fire Services Management Team inclusive of two administrative staff, one Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs (Operations, Training, and Logistics), Two District Chiefs (Stationed out of Wembley and Sexsmith) and the Fire Marshall who looks after investigations, inspections, code compliance, fire prevention, and education. 

Our Department holds a high standard with support from our Mayor and Council with the goal of providing our citizens and neighbors the highest quality of Emergency Response Services possible. The Wembley Fire Department houses a roster of approximately 20 Volunteer Firefighters, 2 Lieutenants, and 4 Senior Firefighters. The Town staffs one Full-Time Station Captain and one Firefighter to manage daily operations Monday to Friday. During the Spring/Summer Fire Season, we staff additional Firefighters under contract to assist in annual testing, maintenance, training, and day-time incident responses.   


The Wembley Fire Department in partnership with the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service trains all new members to the NFPA 1001 Level 2 through the Alberta Office of the Fire Commissioners Public Safety Division. We are fortunate to have multiple certified NFPA 1041 Instructors in-house along with a certified First Aid and Basic Life Support instructor. In addition, to recruit training, our members meet every Thursday night for 3 hours to train on specific topics and to ensure we display competence in our skills annually.  

Have you ever wondered why when you call 911 for an ambulance the Fire Department shows up? The Wembley Fire Department noticed that due to the communities unique location between the City of Grande Prairie and the Town Of Beaverlodge, response for an ambulance can be delayed. The Fire Department is set up with Alberta Health Services as a Full Medical Co-Response Agency meaning we will respond to any medical emergency in our district no matter the severity. 

If it's not fires or medical emergencies, you have likely seen us out on Highway 43, the twined provincial highway that runs in the middle of our jurisdiction. We are fortunate to have several members with advanced training in vehicle extrication and stabilization. This is accompanied by 1 heavy rescue truck, and 1 engine both with full sets of hydraulic rescue tools "The Jaws of Life" We are prepared to best serve not only those who live here but those who visit, work, or are traveling through the area.   

Many of you have most likely heard the large roof-mounted siren at the Fire Hall sound from time to time.......sorry about waking you up in the middle of the night. This siren is set off when the responding officer believes the Incident at hand can pose an imminent danger in the community. Such events are a confirmed structure fire, gas leak, or environmental emergency. We limit testing of this siren to about 4 times a year, when we plan to test it we will update our Facebook page with the date and time.  

We are always happy to offer station tours, and educational materials to families, businesses, and schools at your request. Feel free to stop by the hall anytime! if we are not here contact numbers are posted on the main entrance of the hall.

Please check out to see what we are up to.

For information regarding the Fire Department please contact the District Fire Chief Matt Smith

Ready to help? Find the application for Volunteer Firefighters at the bottom of this page. 

Todays fire rating is High High


Grande Prairie Area Update - August 28, 2023

By Kelly Burke, Aug 28, 2023 3:03:02 PM


The wildfire danger is now HIGH for the Grande Prairie Forest Area.

Wildfire Situation

There are currently eight wildfires burning in the Grande Prairie Forest Area. All of these wildfires are under control (UC).

Since January 1, there have been 62 wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area (GPFA), burning nearly 141,400 hectares. 

Firefighters remain on alert for new wildfires and continue to monitor existing ones. For more information on the current wildfire situation, visit Alberta Wildfire Status.

Find the latest information on all active fire advisories check Alberta Fire Bans.


GWF018 is classified as under control (UC) at 49,328 hectares. It is being managed by the Peace River Forest Area. 

GWF019 is known as the Bald Mountain fire. It is classified as under control (UC) at 19,435 hectares. This wildfire is approximately 17 kilometers west of Highway 40.

GWF027 is classified as under control (UC) at 54,988 hectares.

GWF049 is located 17 km east of Valleyview and is currently classified as under control (UC) at 50 hectares.

GWF017 & GWF023 - Sturgeon Lake Complex (GCX001)

GWF017 is classified as under control (UC) at 5,479 hectares. 

GWF023 is classified as under control (UC) at 3,889 hectares.

GWF035 & GWF038 - Boone Lake Complex (GCX002)

GWF035 is located 20 km north of Valhalla Center, near the northeast side of Boone Lake. This wildfire is 872 hectares in size and is classified as under control (UC). 

GWF038 is located 10 km west of Deadwood Lake, in Township 77-10. This wildfire is 7,148 hectares and classified as under control (UC).


FireSmart Home Ignition Zone




Are you interested in FireSmart but don't know where to start? Check out FireSmart101. This free one hour course identifies the principles of FireSmart that you can adopt for your home. Mitigating wildfire risk to our homes and neighborhoods is something we should all be working towards.

Fire Permits

During wildfire season, you are required to have a fire permit to burn within the Forest Protection Area (FPA), with the exception of a campfire.

Albertans can request a free fire permit by contacting their local forestry office or using the online Fire Permit Portal

County West / Grovedale - (780) 814-1648
Spirit River – (780) 814-1983
Valleyview – (780) 524-6576

Wildfire Prevention

Wildfire prevention is everyone's responsibility. Be extra careful with fire and limit the number of human caused wildfires in our area. Fire and weather conditions can change quickly, and the public is encouraged to visit Alberta Fire Bans before heading out. 

For more information contact

Kelly Burke

Wildfire Information Officer

(780) 832-7235

Information line: 1-866-394-3473

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