Citizen Services and Program from Service Canada

Citizen Services and Program Delivery Service Canada/Government of Canada

Service Canada offers a broad range of programs and services to the communities and organizations that can assist in providing programs and services to the members of this community.

How to access services: Service Canada provides a single point of access to a wide range of government services and benefits. Click here for the How to Access Services Info Sheet PDF

The main focus:

Discuss the needs of the community and to gather information and knowledge. Below is a few links to PDFs that may be useful in this community. 

Information about Employment Insurance Click here for the information brochure PDF

Applying for Employment Insurance Important notice: Employment Insurance (EI) provides temporary income support to people who have become unemployed through no fault of their own and are actively looking for work, as well as people who are not working due to special circumstances, such as illness, becoming a parent or caring for a sick relative. Service Canada handles the processing of EI claims and benefit payments. This document is intended for individuals who have become unemployed and its aim is to assist those individuals to apply for EI benefits.

Summary of Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Benefits

For more information see below or click here for the CPP and OAS Summary Handout PDF


Call 1-800-277-9914 (please have the Social Insurance Number available)

Community Outreach and Liaison Services Click here for the brochure PDF

Service Canada Representatives travel to selected communities (rural, remote, and urban) to provide assistance and support clients on our programs and services. Through our Community Outreach and Liaison Services, Service Canada staff increase awareness of Government of Canada programs and facilitate access to services and benefits available. Our partnerships include:

• Local Communities;

• Non-Profit and advocacy groups;

• Healthcare Professionals;

• Indigenous communities, bands and councils;

• Provincial/Territorial Governments;

• Volunteer Organizations;

• Employers;

• Industry and professional associations;

• Educational Institutions;

• Unions;

• Other partner organizations.

Outreach Support Centre Contact: 1-877-631-2657 8am to 4pm.

Organization may print their own Outreach Support Centre business cards. OSC business cards are great to hand out as they are for our vulnerable clients who have issues accessing the internet. OSC business cards PDF for printing